Out Of The Box Cleaning Ideas For Your Bathroom

Cleaning yourself up at the start and end of each day is an absolute must. Our world today is filled with so much dirt and grime, it’s impossible to stay clean for more than a day. That’s why it’s very important to allocate some time in your schedule to bathe properly.

Otherwise, you would be exposed to all sorts of bacteria and your health will suffer. In this regard, there’s no better place in your house than the bathroom. Of course, you won’t be able to clean yourself appropriately if the bathroom itself is dirty. Don’t worry because here are some simple steps to make sure this part of your residence stays dirt-free.


Manage moisture well

Mold is the byproduct of excessive moisture in a room. If there’s too much mold in your bathroom, the air you’re breathing will be severely contaminated. You might be on the receiving end of nasty respiratory diseases if you are exposed this dirty substance.

What you should do is check out every inch of your bathroom for traces of mold. Inspect the area under the toilet or sink. In the event you find mold, you can start by cleaning it up with detergent and water. Make sure to scrub those affected areas thoroughly.

Once you’re done cleaning, you need to make sure moisture is expelled from your bathroom. You can install a ventilation fan as a solution. This handy tool will improve the circulation of air inside this place and provide a way out for stale air.


Use Apple Cider Vinegar to clean bathroom fixtures

Sure, there a lot of cleaning products out in the market right now. The thing is, you don’t even know what’s in them. A safe bet is to use something organic and safe for anyone, like Apple Cider Vinegar. Although this product is used for its health benefits, it can also be used to clean your bathroom.

The chemical composition of Apple Cider Vinegar is perfect for killing germs. Apply just enough on a piece of cloth and use it to wipe your bathroom fixtures. After doing so, rinse them with water. The result is a cleaner bathroom without the cost and side effects of commercial cleaning products with harmful chemicals.


Organize your toiletries 

Another way you can make your bathroom look more presentable is by organizing your toiletries. Any normal person uses a couple of things to clean their bodies, including bars of soap, shampoo bottles, and toothpaste, among others.

If you leave all of these things scattered in different area, your bathroom will look like a mess. It’s better to install towel bars and small cabinets, to name a few. These fixtures will help store your items in a safe and organized manner.


Call a professional plumber to check your bathroom

There’s no one better to check the welfare of your bathroom and its fixtures than a dedicated plumber. This professional knows the ins and outs of any plumbing system in your house. It’s crucial to call on this contractor from time to time so you’ll get an idea on how your bathroom is faring.

This is the person you should contact when you need leaking pipe repair or other plumbing needs. Otherwise, you’ll be surprised when something goes wrong in the most unexpected moment. Plus, you’re going to spend twice as much than hiring a plumber for a maintenance check-up.